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Roderick Gibson

A very large Royal Doulton Beswick Life Guard Model No DA22. A Connoisseur Horse Model – perfect condition. Standing 14.5″ / 37cm high appx. Actual photo of piece we are selling is shown.Originally this was made by Beswick, with production switching to Royal Doulton in the late 1970’s. It bears a white Doulton backstamp under the belly. The Lifeguards is the senior regiment of the British Army and part of the Household Cavalry. For ceremonial occasions, the Lifeguards wear a scarlet tunic, a metal cuirass and a matching helmet bound on the top into an onion shape. The chin strap is worn below the lower lip and they have roots back to 1660. It is in excellent condition, it has delicate, susceptible parts like reins, chain and sword. These are all intact and in good condition. The horse is in a matt black colourway, the whole thing is enormously eye-catching. This is an excellent example of one of the finest pieces of Beswick/Doulton ever produced.  Please contact us for further details. £345 inc UK P&P.