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Roderick Gibson


WhiskyWhisky Galore, the famous film of 1949, depicts the true WWII story of a vessel, the SS Politician, which ran aground with a cargo of 264,000 bottles of malt whisky. In 1941, during gale force winds, she ran aground off the Island of Eriskay in the Outer Hebrides. Locals plundered the cargo, and bottles which come up for sale today, and they do still pop up with amazing regularity, fetch eye watering prices, well in excess of £1000.  But I want you to all listen carefully to what I am about to tell you, because right now, there is a dramatic upsurge of interest in old (and also the not so old) Whisky.  Indeed, it doesn’t stop at whisky, very recently, locally, I watched a bottle of Green Chartreuse liqueur, perhaps 60 – 80 years old, the label worn and damaged, estimated at an adventurous £200 – £300, sell for £5100.  I guarantee that the likelihood would be that 95% of us would have thrown this straight in the bin, fearing the contents would be undrinkable, and the bottle worthless.   In our own auction recently bottle of Irish whisky, its contents partly evaporated from the cork due to a broken seal, soared away at £2300, together with a bottle of Demerara Rum at £600.  The internet has brought about this dramatic and almost unbelievable collecting frenzy of buying these bottles to collect, not to drink.  The craze may or may not (as I suspect) last, but I tell you this, whilst it does, there is money just waiting to be claimed here.  Find out now what your spirit or liqueur is worth, and how you can sell this in one of our specialist auctions, and offer to a worldwide audience on the internet, fiercely competing against each other for these quirky items.  Now don’t all expect that everything you have is going to make thousands, but it all sells at the moment, and some of it for absolutely hair raising figures.  Ask to speak to our valuer today 01270 625301.